Sales Events

Sales collatoral, editing case studies, pre-event publicity, interviews, video and photography

Sales and Event Coverage

Forward4Business can handle the entire communications package surrounding a public event or your own sales and product release events, allowing your organisation to focus on the event.

Event coverage

Forward4Business can provide run up publicity content, social media at the event, write ups, reports and follow-up professional content for use across multiple media channels.

Sales collateral

We can produce case studies, including interviews with the customer, write up and submit to PR agents or publications

Project focused delivery

We can provide project based marketing and PR – including development of the project brief, creating a coherent message for a campaign or product launch material highlighting its goals. We can also keep the momentum going with updates, support and reviews.

Video and photography

This can include preparation of project brief, pre-interview meeting with the subject and location check, scripting, interviewing, working with the video engineer or photographer to maximise the quality of the end results in keeping with the client’s aims and wishes.