Professional Publications

edit, sub-edit newsletters and campaigns Editing, sub-editing, content creation for Newsletters, journals and publications

Production of Journals, Supplements, Newsletters

and Press releases

Forward4Business can provide contract (long and short-term) Freelance – Editor, Sub-Editor, News Editor, Business Editor, Video interviewer or reporter to help you achieve your aims.

Journals – internal or customer-focused

Forward4Business can help you develop goals – define your messages, your purpose, create personas to help you keep your messaging targeted, design and style guide, as well as the delivery process.

We can help with the management of the editions, preparation and flat-plans, content commissioning, or help you develop new content directly or working with advertisers and correspondents.


As an advertiser, supplements to a magazine or a professional B2B journal can be an excellent way to get exposure. However, it is a major challenge getting the journal, the structure and messaging and the content providers working together to deliver a product that gets the coverage you are looking for, and is re-usable to maximise value to the business. We can provide a single project manager to pull all the elements together, re-write, re-structure and submit on time.


Forward4Business can develop goals Рdefine messages, purpose,  initial design or re-design and style guide, delivery process. Management of the editions, preparation and re-writing of the articles, interviews and development of new content, interviews, sub-editing and, liaising with publishers.

Professional Press Release planning, production and submission

We can produce and submit press releases, with the correct supporting information giving you the best chance of the sort of exposure you really want.