About Forward4Business

Why Forward4Business?

Forward4Business exists to help businesses get their core messages, and announcements heard in the noisy world of Internet and social media.

It’s never been easier to pick up a device and publish to the world, without any experience, knowledge or even ability. For a lot of companies, they don’t even know where to start.

That’s where Forward4Business can help.

We have worked on both sides of the table, trying to get our information into the media and desperately trying to get good, interesting information to write about and published. Both sides are under extreme pressure to produce results and we can help with our experience of both sides of the equation.

Business Lead

Robina Moss Forward4Business


Robina has been a leading journalist in the optical sector for the last 17 years as Deputy Editor of the B2B publication OT, an award-winning 100-page magazine, with its own multimedia channels, including video.

As well as online news, features, and blogs, Robina had four pages of industry news in every print edition and edited various offshoot publications during that time, including Eyefashion Today.

She was also Supplements Editor for five years working closely with sponsors on a variety of magazines and booklets. In addition, she wrote and produced patient newsletters for the SightCare Group, promoting eye care and independent businesses for over five years.

Specialising in business and industry news, advice features, as well as events coverage and general news for print and online, Robina believes that trust and relationship building are at the heart of her success and popularity in that particular sector.

Robina Moss, a popular working journalist for nearly 35 years, leads Forward4Business. At its heart is Robina’s passion for using her extensive experience to help people and companies to realise their ambitions by optimising the power of their communications.

Robina has many years of experience writing for print and online, editing publications and has worked in various production roles, including as a Sub Editor for 13 years in the newspaper sector and as a Picture Editor.

She enjoys photography, using her keen eye and experience to successfully manage photo shoots and is equally at home in front of, or behind, the camera. Personable and friendly, Robina is especially popular as an on-camera interviewer.

As well as managing a weekly newspaper, Robina has also ghostwritten books, including business advice publications, and has project-managed their publication.

Forward4Business is available for short and long-term projects, as well as one-off consultancy, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us help you get the results you deserve.